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As we grow our business we will be adding many new services so that we can help our customers make their special day complete.

                                          What do we do?

LA ROBE BY LEAH would like to go above and beyond and offer more creative elements for our customers. We will be offering Custom Printed T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Tote Bags and more.  We will also be able to provide high quality photography reproductions printed on canvas, wood, metal, plastic as well as apparel.

                                        What we will offer

Brides- Apparel and Accessories for your Bridal Celebration: Bridal Parties, Bridal Showers, or Bachelorette Parties

Grooms- Apparel and Accessories for your Friends, Families, Best Men or Bachelor Parties

Photos- Pictures are the best way to hold onto ad cherish memorable moments.

Display these beloved photos using our Digital Printing Services. Put it on canvas or wood.

During the time of your engagement, spreading the news to everyone you love is the most exciting. Let LA ROBE BY LEAH help you spread the word with unique and thoughtful items even as you continue to celebrate up until your wedding day. Get everyone in on the celebration. Make it memorable.

Graduation- Class of 2015 and beyond are welcome to print group T- shirts with us

Bar/Bat Mitzvah- Offer gifts to your guests as the join you in celebrating your special day. Make it a day to remember for years to come.

Baby Shower- Are you or do you know someone who is having a baby? Baby Showers are always great ways to have all your friends and family celebrate a new life in more ways than one. make it a surprise!

These are just some of the few. Every reason to celebrate is to make it memorable!

Once again during the time of planning your special event, spreading the news to everyone you know is the most exciting. Let LA ROBE BY LEAH help you spread the word with unique and thoughtful items. Get everyone in on the celebration. Make it memorable.

                                                 Products Offered

                              Apparel - T -Shirts, Tank Tops Etc. 

                                        Tote Bags Cell Phone Cases Mouse Pads

                                          Canvas Prints  Wood Prints and more

     Contact us now to discuss any party or celebration item ideas you have in mind.


                         Whatever your Profession or Business may be 

                                 Whatever event it is you are hosting

                         We are here to print Custom Graphics for you


                      LA ROBE BY LEAH will have many Products and

                         Accessories for many special days in your life

                        Bridal Shower- Bachelor Party - Wedding Day

              Prom - Graduation - Bar/Bat Mitzvah - A Birth of a Child

                           and many more occasions of your choosing.


           Brands offered              Garments Offered                         Products Offered

              GILDAN                                        T-Shirts    Sweat Shirts                                    IPhone Cases - Canvas

              CHAMPION                                 Polos        Sweatpants                                      Wood - Metal Sheeting

                                                                                                                                                   Mouse Pads - Tote Bags

                                                                      Price List

                           Prices below are based on GILDA PRODUCTS

                                 GILDAN - T-Shirts are pre-shrunk 100 % cotton

                                 GILDAN -  Sweatshirts are 70/30 cotton/polysester blend

                                 ANVIL -    T - Shirts are pre- shrunk 100 % ringspun combed cotton

                                 ANVIL - Sweatshirts are 70/30 ringspun combed cotton/Polyester blend

                                     Add $2.00 to T-Shirt & Sweatshirt prices below for Anvil Products

                                     Call or E-Mail us for a quote today. Telephone # 1-914-337-5887


                                           Quantity:       1-12

        T- Shirts/Sweatshirts           T- Shirt/Sweatshirt 

                      Size of Shirt                                            Size of Print

    S - XL                                                                         4x4

    2 XL                                                                           8x8

    3 XL                                                                           12X16


    5 XL

                             Quantity:      13-24

        T- Shirts/Sweatshirts          T- Shirt/Sweatshirt

                  Size of Shirt                                               Size of Print  

   S-XL                                                                           4x4

   2XL                                                                            8X8                                                                                                                                              

   3XL                                                                            12x16



                             Quantity:     25-50

       T-Shirts/Sweatshirts            T- Shirt/Sweatshirt

          Size od Shirt                                                      Size of Print

   S-XL                                                                           4X4

   2XL                                                                            8X8

   3XL                                                                            12X16