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                                                       FITTINGS                                                                                  To schedule a fitting for custom made or alterations please call LA ROBE BY LEAH. At the day of your scheduled appointment  try to be on time, if you can't please give us a call so we can reschedule your appointment to a different time.                              

For Alterations- Please bring with you the shoes and undergarments you are going to wear with the clothes you need  to be altered. If you don't have undergarment, we have undergarments for sale for all occasions. While you are trying on your clothes our Clothes Alteration Specialist  will help you dress if needed and tell you exactly what must be done, what undergarments you will need and the cost of the alterations. We will make sure that you your altertions are done to perfection.

Custom Made- At the day of your scheduled appointment please bring with you any idea, pictures, material, clothes and etc. that you would like us to see for the custom made clothes you want us to do.

A Must- you must tell us if you are trying to loose weight or you are
pregnant. If you do not tell us and we are told later, we will need to
redo everything over and that will incur extra charges.

For an appointment please call LA ROBE BY LEAH Tel. # 1-914-337-5587                   or visit our contact us page