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                                                                  HOW TO MEASURE        

Measuring to get the right fit is a very important step while you are choosing your wedding
size. regardless of whether you are buying a Evening Gown or a Wedding Gown. If you look
to bottom of the page you will see a diagram that will show you exactly where to take these
Make sure that you wear your undergarments when you are taking your
measurements. If you are not sure of how to take measurements, it is best to ask a
Seamstress or Atelier to see if you measured correctly.

After you have written down your measurements, you can look
up our online size charts
choose the perfect size for either Dress, Wedding
Gown or Special Occasion Gown. 
LA ROBE BY LEAH advises everybody that when you are selecting a size, always take a                                                                        size that is larger than what you selected.
The reason for this is that it is much easier to take in a                                                           garment than to let it out. There may not be any room to take it out, unless you loose wait.                                                                     

Another important thing is to tell your Atelier that you are pregnant, because if you are, you                                                                   must get a much larger size garment. Also if you are trying to loose weight you must tell                                                                              your Atelier.