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                                                                                                                                                                                                                        STORE & ONLINE  POLICIES                        

Here are a list of policies which LA ROBE BY LEAH INC. wants all her customers to know. We want everybody to be satisfied with all the sales & services that you purchse from us, and not to spend any extra money if not necessary. So please read these policies carefully!

BRIDAL WEAR & SPECIAL OCCASION WEAR-   When placing a Bridal Wear or Special Occasion  order please be aware that you should give yourself at  three months or more to receive your order and also to give your seamstrss  enough time to do your alterations. If you place your order at least 3 months in advance you will not be charged extra money for rush orders. If we have your garment in stock in our shop then there is no problem, but if we must order through our distributor then it would take at least 3 months. If you need to order Bridal Wear or Special Occasion Wear in less than 3 months you will incur rush order charges. The clothes that are included in this statement are Wedding Gowns, Bridemaids Dresses, Mother of the Bride & Groom Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses & Special Occasion Wear. If you are placing an order in our store, you will need to leave a 50% deposit upon ordering and the remaining at closing of the transaction. When ordering online you must pay in full and shipping, handling & sales tax is extra. Once we place your order you will have 5 days to change your mind, after the fifth day all sales are final. If you cancel an order that we placed before the fifth day elapsed, you will be charged a 10% fee of your total sale. Please make sure when you place an order for any garments that the number of the item you ordering is the correct number, if it is not, then you are responsible . If you receive the wrong order, we will not be responsible. Please make sure when you are placing your order to tell the sales person what your occasion date is and they will tell you what your comfirmation number is and the price of your garments including s/h & sales tax.

CUSTOM MADE CLOTHES- At your first meeting with our custom made department, we would be most apprecative if you bring a picture, photo, design or anything that would help us with what you want done.  If you do not know exactly what you want will work with you to make sure you get what you want. LA ROBE BY LEA INC. will show you different designs, sketches, pictures & etc. until you see what you like. Once you agreed with custom made department of what garment & style you desire, you will be told what the garment will cost you. (it is your right to know)-  Please for your benefit please tell us what date you need the garment by. Also very important is tell us if you are trying to lose weight or are pregnant. If we find out later after the work commenced, we will need to redo everything over and it will incur extra charges to you.  ( we do not want this )  Also if you want to change things in mid-stream that also will incur extra charges. If you would like to add anything else to your garment that will incur extra charges. Before the job begins we must receive a 50% deposit and at finish of job we must receive the rest!

There is no refunds on deposits for custom made clothes, once the job begins there is no refunds.

(so please make sure exactly what you want before we start)

BRIDAL ALTERATIONS: For Bridal Alterations please give your Atelier a few months in advance to repair your garments. So please set an appointment with LA ROBE BY LEAH for the day which is more comfortable for both parties. We ask everybody to tell us what the occasion day will be, and most of all tell us if you are trying to lose weight or are pregnant. On the day of your appointment bring with you all undergarments & shoes that you will wear with your Brida Wear. When you put your garments on we will tell you what undergarments are appropriate with your garments, if the undergarments you brought with you are not good, we will tell you. Be aware that LA ROBE BY LEAH as a large stock of undergarments for all occasions for all your garments. Please understand that we are not there to sell you something that you do not need and does not look good with your outfits. You will see it with your own eyes and you will feel how comfortable you are with those undergarments. If you need express Bridal Alterations which is Bridal Alterations repaired in 3 weeks or less, you will incur a 25% extra charge. It is also necessary to leave a 50% deposit on all Bridal Alterations.                                                                                                                    

SPECIAL OCCASION- Please place your order at least 3 months prior to your Special Occasion date &  also give your Seamstress time do your alerations. If you place your order ahead of the required time you will not be charged extra for rush orders. Once you have placed an order for any special occasion outfit you will have only 5 days to cancel the order. When the fifth day is over, all sales or final. We work with many companies which only give us that amount of time to work with, it is not from our side that  we do this.

This policy is given to us by our distributors and we must follow them. Please also take into account if you are trying to lose weight or are pregnant, that you should be more advised of what to do from your seamstress or what we call an Atelier. They will tell you exactly what needs to be done, whether it be a smaller or larger size garment, a need for extra material or so on,they will know best.

REGULAR ALTERATIONS- We are # 1 alteration specialist in the business, we do alterations for Men-Women and children  and many businesses from all over NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY,CONNECTICUT and etc.

Our policy is to the best job possible to make everybody happy with our service and to recommend us to their family, friends and neighbors. We will put our best effort to make you feel that you are in perfect hands when you come to us for any clothes alterations. LA ROBE BY LEAH is always appreciative of the business which is give to her & by that we will make sure that you will see our expert work done all your garments and our one on one friendly service to everyone.

If you would like expert alterations, just call LA ROBE BY LEAH and ask for LEAH. She will set up a schedule appointment date to bring in your alterations, which will be satisfying to both parties. If you would like to respond to us through our web-site and e-mail us, you can do so. If you need Express regular Alterations, which is garments altered in less than 1 week, there will be 25% extra charge. Please uderstand that we are a busy at all times doing other peoples work & almost everything is under schedule, so try to give your seamstress enough time to alter your garments. Upon completion of your alterations you will be ask to try on all your garments, to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Make sure everything looks good and feels comfortable on your body. Once you leave, we are not on any obligation to do anything else.