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 Sign up now for our Beginners Sewing Classes, enrollment begins November 15,2015.
 First class begins on  Sunday February 7, 2016.
(SIGN UP NOW while seats are available)- You will enjoy it!
If you sign up by December 30,2015 - you will receive a 10 % discount
          Starting February 7, 2016  LA ROBE BY LEAH will start her First Beginners  Sewing Class of the year. For anyone who wants to learn & enjoy The Art of Sewing this will be a great time to join us. Our talented instructor (s) will make sure that the time you spend with us will be most rewarding to you.
 La Robe By Leah Beginners Sewing Class consists of 7 Lessons, 2 hours long each for 7 consecutive weeks.    (Date subject to change)
(Cost of Beginners Sewing Class is $300.00 Plus Tax)
PS- if you bring 2 friends to this course you will receive a 20 % Discount                      PS - if you bring 3 friends to this course you will receive a 30 % Discount
Parts of the Sewing Machine * Patterns *Notions *
* Pattern Instructions * Set up the sewing machine
Tools & Layout * Getting ready to sew * Terms & Techniques
Sewing and having full control of the sewing machine
Sleeve Installations * darts * Pleats * Needle & Thread *
Zippers * Button holes & Pockets * and more.
Please be advised that you will need to buy your own sewing machine because you will need to practice on it when you are home.
When you talk to your instructor you will be told what kind of sewing machine you will need and also what supplies are necessary.
February 7, 2016 Sewing Craft Classes 1
In the First Craft Class we will teach you how to make Pillows, Covers and Curtains for every room in your home.
This course consists of 4 lessons, which are one and a half hours long each
 Cost ( $135.00 Plus Tax ) 
      The Second Craft Class 2 starts February 7, 2016              
   we will teach you how to make
a Vest, a Skirt, a Shirt, Pants and more.
This consists of 4 lessons, one and a half hours long each class.
Cost ($185.00 Plus Tax ) 
I f you are interested in any of our Sewing Classes please call 1-914-337-588