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                                              WEDDING DAY DRESS ORGANIZER

Choose the best in the business to make sure that everyone in the Bridal Party   
looks, feels and is comfortable with their attire

                          PACKAGE INCLUDES      
                    1. A Professional Seamstress
                    2. Dressing The Bride to be from head to toe    
Steam Ironing the Wedding Gown and Veil        
                    4. Do any
pinning which will be n
                    5. Dressing The Mother of the Bride & Groom
                    6. Dressing all the bridesmaids   
                    7. Dressing all the Flower Girls                                            
                    8. Making sure that all the Men in the Immediate                                                                                                                                                       Bridal Party are dressed appropriate                          
                    9. Do any other Steam Ironing, if needed to
Slacks,                                                                                                                                                     Tuxedo Shirts & etc.                                                           
                  10. Do any last minute sewing if possible

We will make sure everybody is ready to go to a wedding

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