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Wholesale Clothes Alterations

Throughout the year LA ROBE BY LEAH will be able to give her customers alterations at discounted prices. Starting JULY 16, 2017 through DECEMBER 31, 2017 you will be able to receive discounts on all alterations. There will be no limit to the quantity of the merchandise you want altered.

Here are the discounts which you will receive from our original prices

1. Regular Clothes Alterations-10% discount ($100 minimum alterations required)

2. Bridal Alterations-10% discount ($200 minimum alterations required))

3. Formal Alterations-10% discount ($150 minimum alterations required)

This includes Men-Women and children

These discounts can not combined with any other offer!

If you click Store Specials on the Store Information List , you will see what else we have to offer.

For more information -please call LA ROBE BY LEAH 1-914-337-5887

or visit our contact us page

We will post other discounts, throughout the year on the Wholesale Clothes Alteration page and also on the Store Specials page.

For Departments Stores, Bridal Shops, Clothes Stores, Dry Cleaners and etc; please click Alteration Specialist for Hire and see what we offer. LA ROBE BY LEAH IS is the best Clothes Alteration Specialist in the business and there is no job to big for us to do. We do alterations for Men-Women and Children.

If you are interested please give us a call. We will discuss prices with you.